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We service a comprehensive range of european vehicle makes and models including (but not limited to):

Audi -
Citroen -

Land Rover -
Mercedes-Benz -
Peugeot -
Renault -
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Volkswagon -

What can I expect? 

  • Warranty – a six month warranty covering all servicing and repairs,
  • Workmanship – all work undertaken is carried out by our fully qualified mechanics,
  • Fixed pricing – we will disclose  cost of repairs, parts and service options,
  • Fast Efficient service – we will provide you with professional estimates as to the time required to complete the job.

All Services and Maintenance Checks include the following items::

Check and replace engine oil,

Replace oil filter,

Check Power steering fluid,

Test Battery,

Check wiperswashers and fluid,

Radiator and coolant levels and condition of both,

Clutch and brake master cylinder fluid levels,

Battery fluid,

Check Engine for oil and engine leaks,

Transmisson Fluid, filter and Gasket (as applies),

Transmission/Manual Gearbox oil (as applies),

Brake fluid drained and replaced (if applies),

Check Carburetter/Throttle body and Security,

Inspect idle stop solonoid (as applies),

Idle speed/mixture adjustment (if applicable),

Inspect feul rail for security and condition,

Diff and transaxle fluid,

Full tune.

Radiator and heater cores inspected,

Heater tap,

Vaccum lines and hoses inspected,

Visual check cooling system hoses,

Pressure check cooling system,

Water pump and fan clutch,

Hose clamps. Pressure, cooling system,

Fan belt adjusted (as required),


Battery Electrolyte level,

Battery Terminals inspection,

Power supply Cables checked for security,

Check Air filter,

Fuel hoses checked and secured (as needed),

Test brake lights, indicators, side and headlights,

Check steering components,

Check Lubricate for steering stops (as required),

Tyre pressure (adjust as required) and apply shine,

Check All brakes,

Check WoF expiry,

Check Fuel filter,

Check fan belts,

Check Spark plugs for wear.

Ignition leads inspected,

Check Voltage output of ignition coils and condition,

Main engine earth check,

Adjust hand brake,

Check Exhaust is secure and for leaks,

Check Drive belts,

Check Shock absorber/struts,

Anaylse of exhaust gas,

Timing checks of ignition checked (if applicable),

Cambelt checked,

Check Alternator voltage output under load,

Check starter motor for current draw,

Test park neutral switch operation,

Check mounting of power supply cables,

Check EFI Componets for security of operation,

Check Emmission Control System,

Complete Engine Compression Test,

Check Fuel injectors (as applies),

Check Tappets or lifters for noise and report,

Inspect timing belt,

Test operation of EGR valve,

Road test: Engine performance, braking and steering,

Repack front and rear wheel bearings (if applicable),

CV boot. driveline inspection,

Suspension and overall accessories and lights.